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eNeuro Publication Fee and Extended License Payment Policy

Article Processing Charge

Publication fees are reduced if the first and last authors are members of the Society for Neuroscience. For a limited time, there is a discounted Publication fee price as noted below. eNeuro's publication fee for research articles, History of Neuroscience, Societal Impact, and Review articles is $1,450 (regularly $1,950) for members and $1,840 (regularly $2,175) for nonmembers. For commentaries and opinions, the fee is $725 (regularly $975) for members and $920 (regularly $1,087.50) for nonmembers. There There is an additional $25 fee if publication fees are paid by Wire transfer.

To offset expenses associated with eNeuro’s editorial process — including peer-review management, data tagging and composition, copyediting, online hosting and archiving, and publishing — the journal charges a publication fee to the authors, institutions, or funders for each article published. These fees are called article processing charges and will be billed to the corresponding author upon acceptance of the article. There is no fee for invited articles. Authors are not charged extra for color figures, tables, or multimedia.

If you would like to join SfN and take advantage of membership, visit our Member Center. Accepted manuscripts will not be published until payment has been received.

Unrestricted Attribution License Fee

Authors retain copyright of their work and grant SfN license to publish under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license that allows only non-commercial reuse and requires proper citation of the original work.

There is a Creative Commons license option provided to authors whose funders require an unrestricted attribution license at time of acceptance, including Wellcome Trust and Research Councils UK. The Attribution 4.0 International license allows unrestricted reuse, distribution, and reproduction in any medium or format as long as original work is properly cited. There is a fee of $500 that is in addition to the normal publication charges if authors choose this option plus $25 fee if paid separately from Publication fee by Wire transfer.

For authors whose work is funded by NIH, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Wellcome Trust, or RCUK, eNeuro will deposit the final published article to PubMed Central (PMC) and/or Europe PMC.

Reduced Fees Policy

Fees will be reduced if the first and last authors are members of the Society for Neuroscience and have work addresses in one of the countries in the categories listed below. If the first and last authors work in countries in different categories, the country with the less reduced fee applies.

In an effort to aid neuroscientists working in resource-restricted countries and to broaden the dissemination of science to all areas of the world, eNeuro offers reduced publication fees to scientists located in the countries classified by the World Bank as low-income economies (Category I), lower-middle-income economies (Category II), or upper-middle-income economies (Category III).

All publication fees will be reduced to 25 percent of the usual amount for Category I countries, and will be reduced to 50 percent of the usual amount for countries in Category II and III.

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Fees should be paid by credit card. If a credit card cannot be used, a check or wire transfer can be accepted. Purchase orders are not accepted.


For payment questions: please contact the Central Office at